2017 Canadian Statutory Holidays

The next holiday is the Civic Holiday in 14 days.

On what date and which day of the week are holidays celebrated in 2017? Find out all about holidays on this page.

On Canada day we are celebrating our country's 150th "birthday" this year. The Canadian Confederation took place on July 1, 1867.

Keep in mind when you plan your holidays that Parks Canada is waiving entrance fees in 2017. Annual passes purchased the previous year are effectively valid for 2 years.

It's also worth noting that Christmas in 2017 is on Monday and Boxing Day is on Tuesday. This makes it much easier to figure which day is a day off and which one isn't. In the past few years Christmas was on the weekend and that created some confusion - although not as much as Canada Day this year, which was on a Saturday.

Many people sent in their comments about how their emloyer handled (or in some cases mishandled) the day off. Read those comments on the bottom of the Canada Day holiday page.

Easter in 2017

Easter in 2017 is April 16, Sunday. Easter is the most important Christian religious holiday and widely regarded as the second most popular holiday in general after Christmas. Read more about Easter traditions, games and origins

You can download the 2017 holiday calendar in a PDF format or view it as a printer-friendly page.

List of Canadian holidays in 2017

Holiday Date in 2017 Observance
New Year's Day January 1, Sunday National
Islander Day February 20, Monday PEI
Louis Riel Day Feb 20, Monday MB
Heritage Day February 20, Monday NS
Family Day February 20, Monday (Feb 13 in BC) BC, AB, SK, ON
Valentine's Day February 14, Tuesday Not a stat holiday
Leap Day Not a leap year -
St. Patrick's Day March 17, Friday Not a stat holiday
Good Friday April 14, Friday National except QC
Easter Monday April 17, Monday QC
Mother's Day May 14, Sunday Not a stat holiday
Victoria Day May 22, Monday National except NB, NS, NL
Father's Day June 18, Sunday Not a holiday
Aboriginal Day June 21, Wednesday NWT
St. Jean Baptiste Day June 24, Saturday QC
Canada Day July 1, Saturday National
Civic Holiday August 7, Monday AB, BC, SK, ON, NB, NU
Labour Day September 4, Monday National
Thanksgiving October 9, Monday National except NB, NS, NL
Halloween October 31, Tuesday Not a holiday
Remembrance Day November 11, Saturday National except MB, ON, QC, NS
Christmas Day December 25, Monday National
Boxing Day December 26, Tuesday ON

Daylight savings time is from March 12 to November 5. Which way to turn the clock? Easy: spring forward, fall back!

In the mood for a quick poll? Tell us how would you change Canada's holiday system? Tell us what changes you would like to see to our convoluted stat holiday rules.

Finally: 2017 is a not a leap year.

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Recent comments
Posted by Sandy:

It is correctly called Daylight Saving Time, not Savings time.

Posted by Jim:

Was wondering why halloween is included in the civic hollidays when its not a holliday.

Posted by steve:

Id prefer that Remembrance Day was not a public school holiday back when I was a kid. Students with active duty military and police officers did get the day off. Us with non active duty, spent the day learning why its Remembrance via school assembly in the gym, watching old news reel footage. We also had guest speakers, war veterans. Its a pet peeve of mine that the Eisenhower Administration ended Remembrance Day in 1954. The Americans also dropped the Remembrance poppy. They renamed it Veterans Day, and since the war on terrorism. Its turned into a war call in America and here too. I'm not against the military, nor against using them when needed. But my grand fathers, both war veterans and career military. Don't think they'd like the war mongering on Remembrance Day. I believe use of the military, should be the same level, as using nuclear weapons. I cringe when young people tell vet thanks and I'm ready to carry on the fight! They need a dose of reality and respect. The military soldier is respected because they die for our freedoms, etc. It shouldn't be a "holiday" for kids.

Posted by Vinny:

Every year on Remembrance Day (November 11th) it should be a statutory holiday in Canada for all provinces. I agree with Chrissy on this one!!

Posted by jennifer del:

That comment about having a russ williams day is completely sick and not in rhe least bit appropriate especially since rhe women that were murdered by him were photographed by by him along with the selfies he took. That was definitely not funny and lacked tact.

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