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Posted by Connie:

does a company have to give a day in lieu for July 1 2017 if lands on a saturday

Posted by mars:

I work in a hotel so it is opened 365 days a year. If we do not work, then we do not get paid no matter if it is a holiday.

Posted by Mitch:

@Nat It's a cost of doing business and its less than many other places in the world. If you don't have a business model that can account for these days, then you don't have a business. If you can't hold up to competition because of these days, then you don't have good enough product or service. As an employer, you are required by law to provide stat pay for those days. The fact that you are an employer without basic knowledge of the Employment Standards Act is disgusting.

Posted by Nat:

As an employer, I pay the employees for STAT days. The government makes the holidays which is great, I love holidays too. But it is on the employer's dime, the gov't does not reimburse companies for paying people their wage without having to work that day. It should be appreciated more from the employees stand point. I don't know if people realize that Stat holidays are paid to them by their employer. It is costly for business owners, especially small companies so when it falls on a Saturday, for those that are not usually scheduled work on Saturdays, unfortunately there is no Stat pay or long weekend??

Posted by Cathy:

My company may not give us Canada Day at all, it is felt it is not a Statutory holiday and don't have to.

Posted by Jean:

If you are in Ontario you can find what your legal rights are to the Canada Day holiday here: While some jobs are exempted, and certain part time jobs do not qualify, each province has its own legal standards; it is not up to the employer to decide. You should check out the standards in your province on the official provincial website.

Posted by Jen :

If holiday falls on Sunday then we get Monday off, if it falls on a Saturday then we get Friday off

Posted by Annonymous :

Our boss says that if it falls on a Saturday they do not have to give time off in lieu.

Posted by AB:

In my company more likely we will be closed on the Monday.

Posted by Dee:

My beef is I work July 1st but won't receive stat pay because they will move the day to the fri or sat that I am not working. I think this is wrong

Posted by Richard R. :

I agree. Most businesses will be closed on the following Monday.


Standard business practice is to take the next normal workday in lieu when the statutory holiday falls on the weekend. That will be Monday July 3rd for most businesses.


Because it's a Saturday it will be observed by most on the Friday. General rule is if a Stat. Holiday lands on a Saturday, it's observed Friday.....if it lands on a Sunday, it's observed Monday.


When is the holiday observed if July 1st lands on a Saturday as in 2017? Would it be Friday June 30 or Monday July 3rd?

Posted by Kirk:

On what date will Canada Day be observed in 2018?

Posted by Ed:

In 2017 the holiday will be observed on Monday July 3rd.

Posted by Me:

When is the holiday observed if July 1st lands on a Saturday as in 2017? Would it be Friday June 30 or Monday July 3rd?


In honor of our brothers and sisters in the north, from those of us in the south, we pay our respect to those who came before you to make your country great: I will celebrate with my favor foods Eating Poutine and Beavertails And a glass of inniskillin Vidal Icewine

Posted by Peggy:

Posting as anonymous on a public forum shows your true self. You paint everybody with the same paintbrush which shows you are lazy. Do your homework before making stupid remarks. You and people who think as you do, like to poke the bear and hide. I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and proud of it.

Posted by bill g:

i am Canadian to the bone and proud of it I believe that all Canadian and people that are here that are working to be Canadians should celebrate this day the birth of our Country the best place in the world so those people from Quebec that think that they should not take part in this well I thing that maybe should think about that because they dont seem to have any problem in in taking everything they get from the rest of Canada so it dont want to take part then maybe you should move from here and go to anouther country or suck it up and so the rest of use that your Canadian and jion the rest of us to make a great birthday for all Canadians.


Canada Day what the heck is that. Canada is a satalite country to the U.S. When looking was going to university, let had two professors and they both reffered to Canada as a semi Second world country. And let's face facts, lf not for all the American financial interests in Canada, we would cease to exist.

Posted by Ajf:

Since when do Quebecers have their own race? How would lumping all Quebecers be racist in any way?

Posted by Sam:

Jayden: Put some of those maple leaf stick on tattoo's on your face, wear a jersey, buy a case of canadian beer and fire fireworks at your neighbors. Thats what we do.

Posted by Brittany:

My boss also refuses to give us Friday July 1 off, and are giving us July 4th instead. Bunch of separatists.. bet they wouldnt be happy if they didn't get June 24 off.. but who cares if the English are unhappy

Posted by proud to be Canadian:

to NOT CANADIAN. Ya envy you think. Because in the US you have a greater chance of being a victim of a violent crime, greater chance of being in poorer health, have on average a lower level of education and income, and have a lower average life expectancy. But hey, you get to run around with a gun strapped to your hip making you feel like a man. No better country to live in then Canada my friends. Proud to be Canadian

Posted by Nicole:

To The Anonymous person Quebec does celebrate Canada Day and the majority in the province have always voted to remain in Canada. Putting all Quebecers in the same boat is like Donald Trump putting all Muslims in the same category as members of ISIS. Not very smart and a little racist.

Posted by not_murican:

Lol, yes we canadians envy your lack of gun laws, presidential candidates, your legalized corruption through campaign contributions/lobbying,your interference in foreign affairs and your rampant obesity problem. /s

Posted by Joe:

If Canada day falls this year on a Friday, but my boss want us to work and give us the following Monday off, should he still pay us regular pay or double time and a half as it is a stat holiday. Please advise


Have a Canada themed party, even if you don't know a lot of other Canadians living near or where you live. Celebrate by making or buying and serving Canadian things. Think Maple....ribs! ...think strawberry shortcake because it's red and white or bake a plain white cake, iced with white vanilla or buttercream icing and arrange fresh strawberries in the shape of a Maple Leaf(like the flag for dessert. Think Canadian wines, ie ice wines, or make a signature drink with a Canuck booze ie. Crown Royal...

Posted by jayden:

So I was born in canada, but I live in the United States of America and I still wanna celebrate Canada day, any suggestions?!


Reading the remark about Quebec city puts it all together they don't celebrate CANADA day because they are special and should be recognized for that reason they don't follow any thing the rest of the country does and pretty much has there own rules governed by the government, We should have a holiday just to celebrate them leaving our country

Posted by Not Canadian:

I lived in Toronto for two years. The anti-Americanism there was amazing, and based on envy.

Posted by Nina:

I'm from Ottawa, where Canada Day is obviously a big deal, at least downtown. Then one summer, I lived in Québec City. What a difference! Their big thing is June 23rd (the night before their Saint Jean Baptiste Day holiday), which I would summarize as "after drinking all afternoon, crowds draped in Québec/Patriote flags make their way to a massive concert on the Plains of Abraham, while chanting, cheering and sidestepping smashed beer bottles". Then everyone sleeps it off on the 24th. (That is so smart, btw. Why don't we do it this way for Canada Day...?) Apparently it's less intense elsewhere, but in Québec City it really feels like some kind of one-day revolution is going down. By contrast, on July 1st, NOTHING is going on. The federal government might organise a few family activities, maybe there's a swearing-in ceremony somewhere, but for the most part, it's just a day off with no meaning attached. Except for one thing: it's Québec's unofficial moving day. Most leases begin on July 1st in Québec, since most people have the day off and no plans. So on July 1st in Québec City (and presumably elsewhere in the province), all you see are quiet streets, closed businesses, and moving trucks.

Posted by Vicente Galarza:

I'm a Canadian living in Quito, Ecuador since 2001. Every year I do celebrate this year with my family and friends.


....yesss....yesss indeedy, ya gots to love living on this beautiful pristine land, regardless of who ya have to lie to, cheat, steal, or kill to get it and, furthermore, maintaining possession of it is or can be an even bigger thrill. We had our own little 'Trail Of tears ' of sorts up here in Canucky land - in one way or another(thank you very much). Canada is such an honorable place to live, and it always has been, even if it has its Parleement house built on unceded land, yet coveniently sweeps that tasty little morsel of info under the rug which is made up of recent and historical pay-no-mind lists...(Or,Pay mind lists,lots and lots of mindlists, after all, they's just redskins...Oouiz?

Posted by tony decorte:

I am Canadian living in Australia since 1968 I still fly the Canadian flag on Canada day and proud of it tony d.

Posted by uwe:

For me, it's about having a long week-end. We get one in May, nothing in June and nothing in July. Great summer.


Just an FYI @ pagan. Labour board and Unions do have a place, to protect employees from tyrants who think paying someone gives them special power or authority. Anyone with an invalid thought process like "Do as your boss says and keep your place" is EXACTLY who we need protection from.


If your employer is asking you to take a vacation or banked day in lieu of the holiday and you agree, it's perfectly legal. I don't believe they can legally force you to take July 3rd off but that's why they are "asking" you. Unless you want to be the one single person to fight this, I suggest you get ALL the employees to join together and veto this option if you want the July 1st holiday.


YAY! Feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful country and her people. Happy Canada Day to you all!

Posted by Jerry:

your company can take the Friday off instead per my understanding but can not obligate you to work the actual stat holiday on Wednesday, however if you work Wednesday you are entitled to your regular days pay separate from your stat day entitlement of 1/20 of you last 20 work days pay. I have a pretty good understanding but every business is unique and you may or may not want to test out your rights. Good Luck Cheers

Posted by FreeRyde:

The 'Me generation'...Geez. Why would the day we celebrate the anniversary of our Confederation be changed just to provide consecutive days off for some. Some people work weekends. Personally, I preferred my days off during the week. Just be thankful you get it. It's a day off or overtime pay if you work.


If you work nights what night should you get off? Tuesday or Wednesday ?


Maybe some of you should read the holiday act of Canada. If July 1 falls on a Sunday it is observed on the Monday July 2. So don't say oh it's July 1st we can't Change that. Your government already did


Easy = if you work on July 1 = you get paid for the hours. You still get stat pay on top of it so what is the big deal? If all employees like it; and who doesn't prefer a long weekend to one day Wednesday.


Wednesday is a humpday. So this can be a double or triple humpday. Happy Canada Day all!


No that's not right. If your company is working on Wednesday and taking Friday off, they have to pay you for the Friday as the holiday. Or pay you double time for the Wednesday (time at work and for the holiday) Then it is fair to not pay you for the Friday.


so ...if Christmas falls on a Wednesday, do you think it should be put off till Friday for a long different to me ..I believe the day is the day, no different from Mother's day or Father's day ..they are special days selected for special dates!!


Canada day as always is July 1st.. Does not matter what day of the week it falls under. As a statutory holiday you get the day off. The company can not change the date no matter what. they can not ask you to take the Monday or Friday off as a Vacation day/ day in lieu or non paid day. If the company closes on the Monday or Friday I would call Employment Standards as I believe they have to pay you since THEY closed up shop on a regular work day

Posted by Guest:

Why would Canada Day be changed if it falls on a Wednesday...Christmas and New Year's and Quebec Fete Nationale are not changed to make them fall on a Friday or a, people feel so entitled.


from a manufacturing point of view its kind of silly to shut every thing down in the middle of the week for one day , Lets take a Monday or Friday just makes more sence


I was born in Canada and I love Canada and its people and even though Canada Day falls on a Wednesday its still for cellebration.

Posted by IMO:

Companies must pay you the statutory holiday, no matter when they decide to close, period. Moreover, most of the Canada Day activities are planned for the first, so if you make on another day, people would miss out... just saying


What's hard to understand here? Canada day is on a Wednesday this year. Not on a Friday or a Monday. No long weekend. Too bad. Enjoy the one day off. Same thing if Christmas day is on a Tuesday and Boxing day a Wednesday, nobody things, oh let's change the days so it becomes a long weekend. Some years are better than others. 2015 isn't so good because you need to take two days off to create a (5 day) long weekend.


So wait if it's on wednesday, It doesnt become a long weekend tho? So would we just get one day off for Canada DAY ?

Posted by pagan:

Yes, that's right, tell your boss he can't or can do something and see your value as an employee skyrocket. Labour board has a place, but try using it and then expecting your workplace to be normal or your job security to be there. Do as your boss says and keep your place, or become your own boss.

Posted by Sarah:

Canada day is the Wednesday..........we are fortunate enough to have this day off, why all the confusion when to take it spoiled people? A day off mid week sounds good to me. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Carol D:

As Canada Day is a statutory holiday it should be a paid day off. If a company chooses to take the day on Friday that is up to them but it is also great for you because it gives you a nice long weekend. You should not have to take it as a vacation day, banked time or as an unpaid day. I would check with the labour board if you are in doubt. Legally they can choose to take the Friday.

Posted by Yelena:

Seems like a controversial topic but in fact it's very simple: Canada Day is on July 1st this year, period. Not on the 3rd or any other day.

Posted by Bev:

So when will we able to take the holiday on the 3rd or the 1st


No. Canada Day is on Wednesday. Unless all employees collectively agree to a change they can't force you to take Friday off instead of Wednesday.


Can a company change when they celebrate Canada Day to be Friday this year in lieu of Wednesday?


My company is taking the day off July 3rd which is a Friday and asking us employees to either take a vacation day or banked time or unpaid day. Is this correct and can they legally do this?

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