Labour Day 2017

In 2017 Labour Day is Monday September 4.

Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on the first Monday of September and it is a federal statutory holiday. It is also observed in the United States on the same day.

This holiday officially celebrates workers and the labour union movement, however, most of us only think of it as the last long weekend of the summer, a perfect occasion for one last BBQ or canoe trip.

Many seasonal attractions and vendors close after the labour day long weekend and it is generally the start of the fall shoulder season for tourist attractions.

Labour Day Long Weekend

It's a very straightforward holiday, unlike other holidays when some people are off and some aren't, on Labour Day all stores are closed including retail stores, banks and libraries across the country. Some restaurants and convenience stores may be open.

The Tuesday day after labour day marks the first day of school.

Note: In the Commonwealth Countries it is spelled "labour", in the United States is spelled "labor".

Labour Day Observances

September 7September 5September 4September 3

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Posted by Winston Barrett:

My name is Winston Barrett, jamaican citizen. I am planning my vacation with relatives and friends in Canada this September 2017. How can I be a patt of your labor day program? Can I volunteer?:,

Posted by Eduardo:

Not everyone gets labour day off. Everything is not closed. Most malls and retail stores operate on a sunday schedule and you get time and a half. Not everyone gets a day off in lieu either.

Posted by Freespirit:

ALL so-called "holidays" should NOT be FORCED on people. .It should be completely up to individuals and businesses to decide if they want to "rest" or "close" or not.


I work in a factory. They are making us work "mandatory overtime" on LABOUR DAY of all holidays! Unfair!!

Posted by Mike:

Then ship on out if we "rednecks" are ruining your kids lives with two or three days of school before a long weekend. It's a good way for them to ease back into the year after two months off if you ask me.


The Tuesday after Labor Day has ALWAYS been the first day of school since I can remember. That is, until we moved to Alberta. It's ridiculous. This year they go for work days then get a long weekend. Ridiculous rednecks

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