Family Day 2016 in Canada

Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February except in BC where it's the 2nd Monday of February.

In 2016 Family Day is Feb 15 (Feb 8 in BC)

Family Day is not a national statutory holiday, it is only observed in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. Two other provinces have holidays in February: In PEI Islander Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February and in Manitoba the 3rd Monday in February is the Louis Riel Day holiday.

Since this is not a federally established holiday all federal workers work on Family day including post office employees and public servants. (It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off.)

Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.

As mentioned above, unfortunately, not everyone gets Family Day off, which makes it a debatable holiday in many provinces. Why can't the whole country simple agree on 9 or 10 common statutory holidays remains a mystery and a good indicator of just how overcomplicated our laws are.

Common Family Day activities include skating, playing hockey, snowboarding/skiing and going to various winter festivals. But the best best thing about of Family Day must be beaver tails and stuffing ourselves silly with pancakes with maple syrup!

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Posted by notapublicservant:

"It's interesting how public servants don't complain about this in the comments area the same way private sector workers complain about having to work on Easter Monday when public servants have the day off." Well, considering that Public Sector Government workers earn, on average, 10% more than their private sector counterparts (not including benefits, pension, etc), they earn 315 days worth of wages for 287 days work..well, days of work minus the 13 (avg) days of work absence, 14 vacation days (that's 3 weeks) which is what you get to start, as well as the volunteer days, self development days, or whatever....yeah, I still think the Public Sector is coming out ahead.


lol 6 days a week


I think is very unfair for people whom work for federal companies on this day and not getting pay like the non-federal companies, which that means whomever are working on family day in whichever the provinces that have this holiday will not get pay as holiday pay. This country only have 5 days federal holidays in total, so how fare for the people whom are working for federal companies compare to non-federal companies?


I think it should be made more clear that even though a dentist or chiropractor may choose to have their office open on Family Day their support staff is still entitled to the day off are they not? or offered another day off. It should be made clear that this is a provincial holiday and just because the civic holiday in Aug is given does not mean the support staff is not entitled to Family Day as well. This is a holiday that everyone should have. It used to be family day was Sunday but with the retail being so greedy to not acknowledge this day of rest I think that when the province is trying to make a special day they should make it for all.

Posted by Theresa:

Haha article says that federal employees don't complain in the comments and then....boom....complaining. My company is a "federal employer" but nothing ever happened on family day so we shut down too because it cost us more money to operate.

Posted by Gord:

Interesting comment on Family Day. "too bad not everyone gets Family Day off' The Service Industry works all holidays. I think the government should create Statutory Holidays for all Canadians. Every business is closed. All malls, gas stations, restaurants, etc. Everything shut down in the country for all Statutory holidays. Then it would truly be a holiday. Not just for the rich.

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